The Corrupt Spygate Targeting of Lt. Gen. Flynn Exposed

“James Comey knowingly bypassed the rules and processes to send FBI agents to interview General Flynn, Tom Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update on the Flynn case.

Newly obtained documents from Judicial Watch’s FOIA litigation with the Department of Defense have exposed important details on the “fraudulent spy operation” aimed at General Flynn. Despite coming to the conclusion that “the FBI had no viable case” to frame Flynn, recently released emails reveal how Peter Strzok and top FBI leadership “intervened to keep the case open.” “The spy operation began almost immediately after Trump’s nomination,” Fitton states. Accusing Flynn of “violating the Logan Act,” Strzok, and his immediate superior Bill Priestap pondered, in Fitton words:

“What do we want to do here? Do we want him to admit he did something wrong, do we show him the evidence we have which is what we normally do, or do we want to get him fired and prosecuted?”

“We know the path they took,” Fitton continues. The fact that the documents mentioned Flynn’s “firing” is evidence that “there was not legitimate basis to secretly try to entrap Gen. Flynn,” in Fitton’s view.

“I don’t know what Judge Sullivan is going to do with this,” Fitton continues. Other emails released in this most recent batch also outline how government prosecutors and Flynn’s previous attorneys “hid” part of Flynn’s plea agreement from the court, in contempt of federal law. Though a “fraudulent” endeavor on the FBI’s part, the plea deal included the FBI’s agreement to “not go after his son… which should have been disclosed to the court,” Fitton states. This degree of conscious and pre-meditated “prosecutorial misconduct” before the court should prompt, in Fitton’s words, Attorney General Barr to “drop the charges” against Flynn. “The fact that there have been no prosecutions, and that Flynn is still being prosecuted by this DOJ is an outrage.”

“Who’s responsible for this cover-up?,” Fitton continues. Reports indicate that “Wray obstructed the release of these records. If that’s true, he should be held before the court and should be investigated as well for obstructing justice.”

“Sitting on” 8000+ pages of #spygate records, the FBI continues to slow roll its release of FOIA-requested files to Judicial Watch at a rate of 500 pages a month. This most recent batch, which outlines the “corruption” of the FBI, from the Flynn investigations’ inception to its “cover-up” conclusion should have been “turned over to Gen. Flynn and to Judicial Watch 2 years ago.”

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