Dollars Vs Deaths – US Equity Investors Have Now Made Over $100 Million For Every COVID Victim

Main Street vs Wall Street vs Blood on the Street…

Just some facts. Make of them what you will.

The Fed added just under $2 trillion to its balance sheet since the 3/23 lows in stocks.

There have been 67,769 deaths from COVID-19 since the 3/23 lows in stocks.

The market capitalization of the broad US equity market has risen by $7.4 trillion.

So, US stock market investors have gained a stunning $109 million for every American that has died from COVID-19 since The Fed began its bailout.

During the same period, 30.3 million Americans have lost their jobs.

This means American stocks have gained $244,000 for every furloughed, fired, and unfriended worker suffering in lockdown.

Finally, at the latest count, we have lost 434 jobs for every confirmed US death from COVID-19.

Seems like Wall Street wins… twice.

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