Biden really messed up that sexual assault accusation, eh?

Joe Biden might want to pay attention for a change because this is somebody with plenty of experience fending off accusations like this.

So did Joe Biden “fumble” his response to Tara Reade’s accusations of sexual assault back in the nineties? That’s the opinion coming from the Oval Office. President Trump fielded a question on this subject a couple of days ago and described the former Veep’s choice of words in denying the allegations as not being “very good.” The President didn’t include any specifics as to which part of the response was faulty. (NY Post)

President Trump on Monday ripped Joe Biden’s denial of a decades-old sexual assault allegation by a former Senate staffer — and said that Republicans get treated far more harshly than Democrats when accused of sexual misconduct.

“I mean, his choice of words weren’t very good when he, you know, dismissed the allegation,” Trump said of Biden during an interview with The Post in the Oval Office.

“But he’s got to fight his own battles, and we’ll see how he does.”

This conversation came up during a Friday radio interview that the President did with Dan Bongino. He went on to describe in great detail how Republicans always face much harsher treatment in the press when such allegations arise. He quickly cited Brett Kavanaugh as the prime example of that phenomenon. (Pretty hard to argue with that.)

For what it’s worth, Trump said that he had listened to the accusations from Tara Reade and found her to be “very credible.” If he was contrasting her with Christine Blasey Ford, I suppose I’d have to agree. But if we’re talking about Reade in a vacuum, like so many of these stories we hear, there just doesn’t seem to be enough evidence to draw any definitive conclusions.

The first question I’ll toss out for your consideration is how Joe Biden’s response was really any different than the way Trump himself has responded to such charges. As I noted at the top, Donald Trump has plenty of experience in this realm. I could start a list of all the women who have accused the President of some form of inappropriate sexual behavior but too many of you would TLDR this article before I could finish.

Each and every time, Trump’s response has been essentially the same as Biden’s as far as I can tell. He declares that the woman is either lying or confused and moves on. Isn’t that pretty much just what Joe Biden did? I mean, he softened his tone a bit, adding in that Reade (along with any other woman) deserved the chance “to be heard.” But he also flatly insisted it “never happened.”

The other point to ponder here is whether this is really a subject that the President should be dipping a toe into as we move toward the general election. Tara Reade has done Donald Trump a huge favor in once sense because this really blunts any media criticism about Trump’s history with women unless they are willing to Bring up Reade (and the scores of other women who have said Biden made them “uncomfortable”) in the same paragraph. But that doesn’t mean that Trump can randomly go throwing stones at Biden himself. The rule about people living in glass houses immediately comes into play.

Exit question: When the debates finally roll around, assuming Joe Biden is still the candidate facing Trump (big assumption, I know), will the moderators bring up the issue of sexual assault allegations or the #MeToo movement at all? I’ll go first and just say that the odds of that happening have dropped from 100% to something in the low teens over the past few weeks.

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