Less than 1% of New York City Coronavirus Fatalities (0.61%) had NO Underlying Health Conditions

New York City is posting data on their Department of Health website on the coronavirus cases in the state.

Via the New York City website–

Here is what you pull up on the confirmed New York City cases of Coronavirus.

NYC COVID-19 Deaths Among Confirmed Cases


Of the 13319 people that have reportedly died with Covid-19 in New York City only 81 had no underlying conditions, which is less than 1% [=0.61%]

There are 3109 cases where the underlying condition was unknown with the majority of these being age 65 or over accounting for 2664 of the 3109 unknown cases = 85.69% of the unknown cases

How does preventing children from going to school affect the health of older people who have underlying health conditions?

How does preventing people from going to work affect the health of older people who have underlying health conditions?

And how does preventing children and healthy adults from leaving home move the country toward herd immunity?

None of the procedures currently in place make sense.

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