Hold Rallies in Empty Stadiums. Yes, Really. Here’s Why It Would Work.

We have an election to win here.

The president has always asked when surrounded by his ardent supporters: Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?” The response is—was—over the top. The fanfare that greets the question eclipses even the uproarious approval that occurs when Trump turns the media’s baleful eye back on them at the rallies, letting the hate-Trump press experience firsthand a microdose of the macro loathing that routinely shows up in polls.

The rallies are fun—were fun—because they’ve always been about winning. Winning America-first style. Companies and jobs returning stateside. The documents of a parasitic regulatory regime shredded. The ISIS horror and associated terror networks reduced to stinking carcasses, and the only substantive crackdown on illegal immigration in modern times attempting to achieve the Democrat unthinkable: secure borders.

That’s winning, and its only a partial list of the progress made since Trump was elected. The rallies were a place where the people and the president that made winning happen gathered in astounding numbers to celebrate the rebirth of sovereign pride and economic nationalism.

Let’s not bury the lede: Towards the end of Trump’s reelection, it is time to stop the coronavirus briefings. We’ve got it, OK? COVID-19 sucks, especially for our elder population and the immunocompromised. It is not the president’s fault. He has saved countless lives through his actions.

We have an election to win here. Bring back the rallies.

The inner psyche, beset by microbiological fear, resists. But there might be a way.

Things were going great when the Chinese virus hit, a biblical-proportioned pandemic. Every attempt to scuttle Trump’s second term (collusion-gate, impeachment, Ukraine) had skidded to ignominious halts. Theological interpretations of the plague’s import will vary, but one thing is clear: the president’s leadership is being tested now in ways that never could have been foreseen during the winning years. As a result, what would have been a cornerstone of Trump’s 2020 strategy, the rallies, have been eroded out from under his campaign.

Now, instead of big, beautiful, fun rallies, we get briefings, somber affairs that play to the Trump administration’s crisis management strengths but conjure only thoughts and fears about one of the apocalypse’s dreaded horsemen, disease across the land.

People are saying is another Trumpism. Late-night comedians had legitimate fun with “people are saying” because it is an unsourced, anecdotal reference. Here’s an unattributed example: “People are saying that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar may have married her own brother to get him student loans in the United States.”

With coronavirus having done its dirty, lethal work, some people are saying that the disease will prove to be the undoing of Donald Trump’s presidency. There’s no question that the Democrats are banking on that possibility. In their attempts to salvage power from the ruins of the crisis, however, they are demonstrating even more than usual why the voters of this nation can never, ever, allow these opportunistic ghouls to wield power again.

What they are doing in COVID’s wake with what power they do possess, ostensibly to save lives, but primarily to prolong and heighten the pandemic’s crisis mode and ensure Trump’s defeat, may play in devastated Democrat population centers like New York City, New Orleans, and Detroit. But rest assured, Trump rally-goers and supporters across the land: The tactics and machinations of a rogue’s gallery of leftist power brokers is silently turning off millions of voters in the “the big middle,” those voters in swing states that will decide the 2020 election.

It’s hard to imagine that a winning plurality of American voters will hand the nuclear codes and keys to the economic engine to an addled senior citizen with corrupt ties to China. A man who was against the Chinese travel ban before he was for it. A would-be president who would be a candidate for a GOP House impeachment on day one. A man who, if elected, will become an empty vessel into which the reigning Democratic Socialist party will dump every failed idea and tyrannous policy, while Joe Biden himself rides into a moribund sunset.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who held a Craigslist-reminiscent fire sale on his aging ventilator stock, then pissed and moaned in a series of day-late, dollar-short pressers while bodies in The Big Apple stacked up like cordwood.

Cuomo: “We’re not gonna make America great again. It was never that great.”

Yeah, that’s a real winner in the heartland.

Gavin Newsom? Sure, he was savvy enough to thank Mr. Trump for the COVID-related federal aid. But this photogenic snake-in-the-grass never met an illegal alien he wouldn’t allow to flood the U.S. borders and offer free taxpayer-subsidized healthcare to. Newsom’s calling card when and if he runs for president will be his commitment to protect even the most heinous criminal illegals, using unconstitutional sanctuary constructs. And he hasn’t backed down since COVID’s arrival, he’s doubled down.

The strident and corrupt Hillary Clinton, or Governor Gretchen “Shut-Down Artist” Whitmer as potential Biden running mates? Make Trump’s Day.

The devastated Blue-State population centers and their sick voting habits notwithstanding, none of the aforementioned have a snowball’s chance in hell of unseating Donald Trump. The swing-state Big Middle, joined with Trump Nation, will dispatch these anti-American whiners and losers like an immune system firing on all cylinders to overcome an infectious agent.

Back to our lede. COVID-19 is Trump’s real opponent on November 3rd.

We have an election to win here.

Bring back the rallies, make them virtual on-location rallies.

Get out of Washington. Get in Air Force One and fly to the swing states: Florida, Ohio,…Nevada? To the former Blue Wall states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Take the podium in empty stadiums that signify the millions who are prevented from attending. Ask supporters not to show up, but to watch, to flood YouTube with viewers. Some will make the pilgrimage anyway, but most will honor the request.

The late-night comedians sequestered in their Hollywood Hills mansions will ridicule such political theater. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will scold and castigate the gesture while on extended leaves-of-absence. Joe Biden will watch through a glass, darkly, from his basement.

A reopening America will tune in, see the writing on the wall, and remember the glory days, the winning.

Author’s note: Shortly after this piece was submitted for review, President Trump, fielding questions at a Fox News Town Hall, said, “I don’t think you can have a rally in an empty stadium.” I remain doubtful that real rallies will be greenlit prior to the election, and believe that virtual rallies would be better than nothing.

Mark Ellis is the author of A Death on the Horizon, a novel of political upheaval and cultural intrigue. He came aboard at PJ Media in 2015. Follow Mark on Twitter.

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