Open Illinois Rally on May Day in Chicago versus the Communist May Day Rally

Protest video by Andrew Marcus, documentary filmmaker

Illinois Governer J. B. Pritzker has the state in lockdown and businesses shut down until the end of May.

An Illinois legislator last Wednesday filed a second legal challenge to Pritzker saying the Democrat governor’s emergency powers are limited to 30 days and that Pritzker therefore had no right to extend his March 21 order through the end of May.

But not all Illinois residents are equal.

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Governor Pritzker recently sent his wife and kids to Florida during the state stay-at-home orders.

When confronted on his family’s Florida trip Pritzker told the reporter, “In politics it used to be we kept our families out of it. Yeah, my official duties have nothing to do with my family. So, I’m just not going to answer that question.”

On Friday protesters gathered in Chicago for an Open Illinois protest.
At the same time the communists came out for the annual May Day protests.

Video by Andrew Marcus, documentary filmmaker

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