Coronavirus Death Counts Reported by Media Outpace Actual Deaths Reported Per CDC By Nearly 29,000

What is going on?  The reporting in the media of the China coronavirus is just plain horrible.

The media is reporting massive death counts from the China coronavirus.  These counts are coming from a couple of sources, one of which is the Worldometer coronavirus website.  The death counts on these sites and in the media are over reporting the number of China coronavirus deaths by 62% when compared to the data at the CDC website.

As of April 25, 2020, the CDC reported that 33,513 Americans died from the China coronavirus.  Note that their number includes confirmed or presumed to be COVID-19 deaths.

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And here is the CDC data from Friday May 1 on US Coronavirus deaths.

Notice that according to the CDC the Coronavirus deaths reached a peak the week of April 18th.

The Worldometer website shows 54,269 corononvirus deaths as of April 25th.  And 62,262 US deaths on May 2nd.

This amount is 62% greater than the amount reported by the CDC:

In addition, according to the CDC, there were no deaths confirmed or assumed to be COVID-19 deaths until the end of February 2020.  As of April 25th, the number of China coronavirus deaths appears to be decreasing:

Also, according to the CDC:

* less than 1% of all China coronavirus deaths occur in those younger than age 35
* less than 3% of all of the China coronavirus deaths occur for individuals younger than age 45
* nearly 60% of all deaths are age 65 and older


Based on this data, the average person under the age of 65 has very little to be concerned about with the China coronavirus. 

The old and sick are at risk. 

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