My Wife and I Are Fervently Praying that President Trump Will Pardon Me

Update from Roger Stone

The Federal Bureau of Prisons contacted me late Wednesday and informed me my surrender date had been delayed 30 days because of the Covid -19 Virus Pandemic. They have also designated a correctional facility where I am ordered to report the location of which cannot be disclosed for security purposes.  Needless to say I am grateful to have addition time with my family as my wife is not well and also our first great grand child– a a great grandson  born three weeks ago, the son of our eldest granddaughter. ( PHOTOS BELOW )

Yesterday was also the deadline for the filing for a notice of appeal. I have retained two of the finest appeals lawyers in the Country David Schoen and Seth Ginsberg. They feel we have many strong grounds for appeal beyond that of the misconduct of the Jury Forewoman.

Supporters need to understand that an appeal could cost $2 million and  two years during which I would be incarcerated on a fraudulent conviction on fabricated charges by an openly hostile Judge and a rigged jury. I am the last victim of Mueller’s Witch Hunt.

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A legal proctological exam conducted by Mueller’s dirty cops found no evidence of Russian Collusion, no evidence of Wikileaks collaboration and no evidence that I had or knew about the source or content of any of the 2016 Wikileaks disclosures regarding Hillary Clinton in 2016 despite CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times and Washington Post insisting otherwise for almost two years.

My Legal Defense Fund is depleted from the original Soviet-style show trial in Washington.

I urgently need help at to fight to stay execution of my sentence pending appeal

My wife and I are fervently praying that President Trump- who clearly knows that my prosecution has been a travesty of Justice- will pardon me before I have to surrender to the dangers of being infected with Covid- 19 in a Federal prison.

Those who want to sign a petition to the President urging him to pardon me as an act of mercy and justice can go to

Please donate to StoneDefenseFund today!

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