Is This The Post-COVID-19 World? Cashiers Work Inside Plastic Tents At Supermarket 

In early April, we noted how one supermarket in Philadelphia took sanitizing to an entirely new level by dunking shopping carts into large vats of disinfectants to give customers the peace of mind that they won’t contract the deadly virus. In post-corona times, social distancing will forever change how businesses operate and how people interact in an economy.

Take, for example, another supermarket in Philadelphia has installed “tent-like plastic enclosures” around cashier booths to keep essential workers safe while interacting with customers at checkout lines, the New York Post reported.

Grocery store cashier inside plastic tent h/t the New York Post 

Alexander Tavares, 19, posted a video of his evolving working conditions in the pandemic that has since gone viral on social media. The video shows several of the transparent square tents that cover the working space of a cashier booth to shield them from bodily fluids discharged from customers.    

Last month we showed a shocking simulation of how a single-cough from a COVID-19 carrier releases an aerosol cloud of the virus that can be easily be sucked into the respiratory tract of others in the vicinity. 

The Posts said the supermarket decided to take precautionary measures in protecting its employees after a report detailed how industry workers were dying from the virus

Supermarkets across the country have imposed new measures to protect employees and customers. Many stores are now requiring anyone in the facility to wear a mask. And, of course, we don’t know why anyone would currently step inside a closed area with a bunch of people in a pandemic, while one can easily order food online. 

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