President Trump Slams “Scammers” Who Targeted Roger Stone and General Flynn

On the day that Roger Stone is set to turn himself over to officials with the Bureau of Prisons to begin his 40-month sentence behind bars for non-violent process crimes,Stone’s longtime friend, President Trump, called out CNN’s involvement in the early morning raid to arrest Stone that required 29 heavily armed FBI agents.

The Gateway Pundit posted Roger Stone’s final statement before turning himself in on Thursday.

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone’s Final Statement Before He Is Scheduled to Be Imprisoned on Thursday (Video)

President Trump tweeted about his friend Roger Stone on Thursday morning.

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Trump posits the question of whether or not “anybody really thinks Roger Stone was treated fairly.”

The answer to any sane person is a resounding “no.” More firepower, agents, armored vehicles and amphibious units were used to apprehend a 67-year old man with no valid passport or history of violence. The corrupt Obama-appointed Demon judge in Stone’s court case, Amy Berman Jackson, denied Stone every valid avenue of defense during his trial and has continued to ignore the gross prosecutorial misconduct and biased behavior by the all-Democrat jury.

Roger Stone Denied New Trial, Deranged Judge Amy Berman Jackson Ignores Tainted Jury Forewoman

Many are hoping, expecting, praying that President Trump issues Roger Stone a full pardon before he has to surrender.

We can only hope that he and General Flynn are restored, so that they can both help Trump win re-election and continue to restore America to it’s former greatness!

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