Shifting Soil is a Threat To House’s Foundation

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Expanding your home is an exciting process. Maybe adding a gym, sewing room, or another bedroom can make a big difference to your everyday living.

If you love the idea of expanding your home, ensure you take the necessary precautions to protect your houses’ foundation. With this guide, you will find all the information you need to avoid the damage of shifting soil around your home.

How shifting soil can affect your house’s foundation

As it rains soil expands as it absorbs the rainwater. Cracks will form as the ground dries, which will make a massive impact on your foundations. If this happens, it can compress the soil particles together, which reduces the volume and area it fills. As a result, repairs need to be taken place, which can create a lot of expenses.

Don’t allow water to collect near your home as the soil can expand and put stress on the walls of your foundation. When moving ground drains moving water from ponds to areas that may retain water near the foundation to discharge away from the foundations to somewhere else.

How to move soil around your home safely

Shifting soil can be very worrying due to the lack of knowledge. So, hiring in The Pinnacle Foundation Repair Company will guarantee peace of mind that you are protecting your home. Where they will create a plan which will work for you and your home. These could be anything from concrete pressing piling. Which is a process of a hydraulic press is used to insert concrete cylinders aligned flush to upgrade the foundation strength, this system is the easiest to install. In addition to pier and beam foundation repair that includes wood replacement and block systems.

How to spot foundation problems

It’s advisable to regularly check if any cracks appear in your brick walls or drywall and doors or flooding in or around your home. If you spot cracks in sidewalks or streets in the neighbourhood, this is another thing to take notice of. If you are unsure of anything, then it’s good to bring in a professional to assess the issues.

If you do not take care of the foundations of your home, then you will experience many consciences. For example, drought within the soil underneath the foundation, creating cracks that will appear in your home along with your floors starting to sink. If unseen, it could take your house down with it.

Before shifting your soil that surrounds your home, take care, and ensure that your foundations are cared for to allow your home to stay safe and secure. If you are uncertain in proceeding in anything related to your foundations, then it’s more reliable to talk to a Pinnacle Foundation Repair company. Otherwise, it could result in your home, falling into a sinkhole. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t forget to inspect your house frequently for any signs like cracks in your on your walls or sloping flooring to catch the problems sooner to prevent it from getting worse.


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