McCain’s Dossier Leaks & Strzok’s Anti-Trump Plots

“It’s disgusting to read these email communications,” Tom Fitton states in last week’s Weekly Update on #Spygate. 

New documents received by Judicial Watch reveal that the late Arizona senator, John McCain, was “implicated” in the leaking of the “fraudulent” Steele dossier. As discovered in recent Judicial Watch findings, his office’s “edited” version of the dossier is but one of several ,likely “four to five different versions” of the dossier which was sent to Comey’s FBI in late 2016.

In essence, “McCain was a leaker trying to spread anti-Trump sentiment with that smear,” Fitton continues. Furthermore, the documents show that “the FBI knew that McCain was leaking this all over the place, but they didn’t tell the court the extent of that.” Contradicting court filings released last year which “show the Arizona Republican senator had shared the dossier with several media outlets,” the FBI, in Fitton’s words, “was vague as to whether he was even responsible.”

On the topic of the Dossier, these emails show that “The Obama FBI knew almost immediately that McCain was behind the leaks.” Evidence from these emails further discredits the claims of the recent “fraud” Senate report, which “supports the Obama Gang’s analysis of Russia’s interference in our elections.” In Fitton’s words, Rep. Nunes “talked to the intel people, and apparently [ex CIA director] Brennan was running the show [on the leaks] and that he was suppressing evidence that the Russians wanted Hillary to win.” In toto, the documents inextricably confirm the following: 

“Obama ordered an all-hands-on deck attack on Trump, they did the report in three weeks, and used the dossier at Comey’s insistence and attached it. There was no credible information. It was a bogus analysis that the reason the Russians interfered in our elections was to “help Trump.” 

To add fuel to the fire, these records detail the conversations of senior FBI officials in “gossiping” and spreading “conspiracy theories” about Trump’s Russia connections. All of this while Peter Strzok was “involved in the counter intelligence briefings to advise the President of the United States. Talk about a compromise!” Fitton continues. Judging from these newly-released communications, it is all the more apparent that “we can’t trust any prosecution conducted by the Obama Administration, the Mueller Investigation or today’s DOJ tied to Russia interference,” Fitton affirms. “For anyone caught up in that investigation, Manafort, Flynn, I’d pardon them all.”

From McCain’s known leaks to Strzok’s conspiratorial tactics,“it’s pretty apparent that the FBI under Comey and McCabe was a train wreck both ethically and legally.”

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