One Possible 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket

With Tara Reade’s allegations of unwanted sexual conduct making it look more and more like Joe Biden will not be the 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate I started pondering, “Well, who will be?”

Today’s Toon depicts a fantasy Democrat presidential ticket for 2020. You KNOW that this is not real (or fake news) because a.) Hilary would never consent to be the Veep nominee. And b.) because she’s wearing orange–as in, orange is the new black as in, if elected Hilary will serve her term as vice president at the same time as she serves her term in jail. However, Dr. Jill is used to handling unstable partners, so she would be the perfect running mate for Hilary.


Wagtoons: One Possible 2020 Democratic Presidential Ticket

Please share in the comments your choices for the 2020 Democrat Presidential Ticket.


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