DC Mayor Appoints Obama’s Former NatSec Advisor Susan “Benghazi” Rice to “Reopen DC”

Susan Rice

The Democrat Mayor of Washington, D.C., appointed Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice to “reopen DC” after issuing an authoritarian lockdown order due to the Coronavirus panic.

Mayor Muriel Bowser made the announcement on Monday.

“ReOpen DC is about working together as a community to reopen Washington, DC in a way that is safe and sustainable. Together, we will create a plan that is based in science and tailored to the needs of our community.” – Bowser said.

There are three phases of reopening:

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  1. Emergency Response – Where we are now

  2. Stabilization – what ReopenDC will focus on, which involves relaxing restrictions but closely monitoring and quickly responding to negative metrics

  3. Long-term Recovery – How we find a new, more resilient normal. Likely started once a vaccine is widely available

The “reopen DC” advisory group chairpersons include Lying Susan Rice and Secretary Michael Chertoff, the co-author of the Patriot Act.

Why is Susan Rice, who is best known for illegally unmasking American citizens and falsely claiming a YouTube video caused the Benghazi terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans in charge of reopening DC?

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