#DropOutBiden is trending after new evidence supporting Tara Reade’s story

Today the hashtag #DropOutBiden is trending on Twitter in response to new information that supports the credibility of Tara Reade’s allegations against him. Here’s Hillary stan Peter Daou saying the party has no credibility if it sticks with Biden:

The hashtag has been used more than 74,000 times as I write this. Many people are supporting Reade and want Biden out:

There’s definitely a political angle to the reactions. Quite a few of the people using the hashtag are obviously Bernie Sanders supporters who never liked Biden in the first place. In fact, Bernie’s former Press Secretary seems to be piling on the trend without actually calling for Biden to drop out.

Of course not everyone using the hashtag is on board with this. The Krassenstein brothers, who were removed from Twitter but seem to have sidestepped the ban, are still pushing doubts about Reade’s story. They, and a number of other people, are suggesting the hashtag is part of a Russian plot:

What’s driving this is new evidence supporting Reade’s story (I wrote about it yesterday). Specifically, Reade claimed she told three people about what happened to her at the time. One of those people was her mother who passed away in 2016. However, Reade recalled that back in 1993 her mother was so outraged about what had happened to her that she called into a television show and described the situation to the host. Yesterday, Ryan Grim of the intercept was given a transcript of the Larry King show and within hours the Media Research Center had located video of the phone call which Reade has since confirmed is her mother’s voice:

The call doesn’t specify what issues Reade was having with the Senator but the fact that it would be newsworthy and damaging to the Senator (Biden) is suggestive. If nothing else, this clip proves that Reade did have a problem in Biden’s office which she told her mother about at the time, consistent with what she has been saying all along. Reade’s best friend at the time has also confirmed that Reade told her the details of what happened including the situation where Biden allegedly maneuvered her against a wall and put his hand under her skirt.

We’re still a long, long way from the kind of saturation coverage of this story that we saw with regard to Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, but CNN did publish another story on the new information and discussed the significance of the call featuring Reade’s mother on air:

So the media logjam hasn’t completely broken yet but the pressure behind it continues to build. I don’t believe there’s any chance he’ll drop out but after weeks of getting a pass, Biden is going to be asked about this the next time he does an interview. And that is going to give this story even more oxygen. And that means that all of the hypocritical progressives who wanted us to “believe all women” a couple of years ago are going to have to start calling Reade a liar more loudly now.

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