Tens of Thousands Defy Newsom’s Authoritarian Lockdown Order and Flock to SoCal Beaches Amid Heatwave

Newsom has lost the consent of the governed.

An estimated 40,000 people flocked to beaches in Orange County, California amid a nasty heatwave.

Temperatures in Southern California soared on Friday sending thousands of people to the beach for relief.

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Thousands of people hung out at Newport Beach and Huntington Beach to escape the heat.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency because of the Coronavirus on March 4 and issued an authoritarian lockdown order on March 19.

1,600 people have died from the Coronavirus in California out of a 40 million population so people are fed up with the tyranny and heading out to the beaches.

Newsom on Friday begged Californians to stay home amid the heatwave but they didn’t listen to him.

Most older homes and older apartment buildings in Southern California do not have air conditioning making it very dangerous to stay home during heatwaves.

Some Californians have no choice but to leave their homes during dangerous heatwaves and head to the beaches to keep cool.

But Newsom wants people to sit in their homes risking death over a virus that according to reports, dissipates in the sun and heat. Makes sense.

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