PA Governor Tells Newly Unemployed and Starving Pennsylvanians to ‘Read a Book’

Tens of thousands of Pennsylvania residents and business owners had their lives ruined in the past month by government enforced lockdowns.

And that number will continue to grow as long as government officials continue to enforce their dangerous agenda.

On Monday freedom protesters rallied against the Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s draconian shutdown orders in Harrisburg.

The Wolf administration and health officials responded by padding their coronavirus numbers with up to 269 fake deaths to the state totals on Tuesday.

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On Friday Governor Wolf reached out to the starving and unemployed residents of his state.

In a video he posted on his Facebook page, Governor Wolf tells the starving, out of work Pennsylvanians to “Read a Book”

There are food lines miles long, businesses are shutting down, people are losing their health insurance, and the unemployment system is on the verge of breakdown.
But, Wolf is telling these people to go read a book.

Read a book and you’ll forget about the hunger pains.

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