Joy Behar Calls Armed Freedom Protesters Against Government Enforced Lockdowns “Terrorists”

On Monday “The View” co-host called the freedom protesters, some with guns, turning out at state capitols “terrorists.”

There have been several protests across the country calling for government to lift their economic lockdown orders.

Via Daily Caller:

Joy Behar referred to armed lockdown protesters as “terrorists” on Monday’s “The View,” saying that there was no need for them to carry guns at rallies.

Behar said that she felt for those who had lost jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, but worried that those who were ignoring the social distancing guidelines to join public protests were potentially putting other people in danger…

…”By the way, can I just make one more point?” Behar added. “These people are being egged on by right-wing media, people like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. And why are you bringing guns to a rally? You want to call yourself protesters, leave your guns at home. Those are terrorists who bring guns to things, to rallies. I don’t trust that at all.”

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Back in 2010 Joy Behar called those who protested Obama’s airport groping policies ‘terrorists.’

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