End the Coronavirus Crisis, Before the ‘Cure’ Kills our Economy

The coronavirus health crisis seems to be over. But the economic and constitutional crises continue.

National-level data show that the number of new COVID-19 cases peaked on April 4. Since then, they have declined 22 percent. In New York, the worst of the virus hot spots, the net change in total hospitalizations began to decline April 2 and, by April 13, more people were leaving hospitals than entering them. In addition, the predicted overload of New York’s hospital bed space never happened.

To put things further into perspective, there are currently about 526,000 active diagnosed cases of coronavirus among 329 million Americans. That is, 99.85 percent of the population do not have the virus. This is nowhere near the tens of hundreds of millions of cases some experts predicted only recently.

Some might argue these radically lower numbers are evidence of the success of the social lockdown measures the government has imposed on us. But even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot claimconvincingly that “social distancing” is effective in slowing the spread of this ill-understood virus. In fact, a new study out of Israel shows that the coronavirus timeline is the same across countries whether they locked down or not.

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