Los Angeles Dumps Tons of Sand on Venice Beach Skate Park Amid Coronavirus Panic (VIDEO)

This is not about a virus.

Los Angeles filled up a Venice Beach skate park with tons of sand to deter people from having any fun because of the Coronavirus.

California is still on lockdown even though less than 1,000 people out of 40 million have died from the Coronavirus.

There are hundreds of homeless people who sleep outside next to this Venice Beach skate park, but the authoritarian government officials are using money and resources to fill up the skate park with sand rather than deal with real problems.

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A beach city in Orange County, California decided to teach kids a lesson after 28 confirmed Coronavirus deaths in the entire county of over 3 million people.

San Clemente officials sprung into action and filled the park with 37 tons of sand after they saw teenagers and children ignoring signs to stay out.

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