OPEN THE COUNTRY – QUARANTINE NEW YORK: New York Has Half of US COVID-19 Deaths After State Dumps 3,700 Presumed Cases Into Total Count

There have now been 33,404 recorded coronavirus deaths in the United States.
New York has recorded 16,251 coronavirus deaths after they dumped another 3,700 presumed but not confirmed deaths into their totals.

New York state now has around half of all US coronavirus cases.

Florida which is slightly more populous than New York only has 633 cases.
Texas that is much larger than New York and has only 375 total deaths.

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So what the hell is going on with New York?

49 states have the same number of total deaths as one state — New York.

Maybe it’s time so quarantine New York and open the rest of the country.

We cannot allow one state’s mismanagement and leftist leadership bring down the entire country!

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