June 2017 US Intel Report Indicated 2 People Associated with Russian Intel Knew About Dossier Research

Rod Rosenstein

CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge obtained newly declassified footnotes in IG Horowitz’s report showing multiple warnings to the FBI about Hillary’s phony Russia dossier but they used it anyway to spy on Trump’s campaign and to sabotage his presidency.

As TGP previously reported, Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Ron Johnson and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Chuck Grassley Tuesday sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr asking him to declassify four footnotes in Horowitz’s report on FISA abuse.

The Senators stated that the classified footnotes contradict what is publicly available in Horowitz’s report related to Crossfire Hurricane, the CI investigation opened into Trump’s campaign in July of 2016.

One of the declassified footnotes revealed in early June of 2017, US intel was aware 2 individuals associated with Russian intel were knew of Christopher Steele’s “election investigation” in July of 2016, 3 months before the FBI used the dossier to obtain FISA warrants on Carter Page.

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“..[A]n early June 2017 USIC (US Intelligence Community) report indicated that two persons affiliated with RIS (Russian Intelligence Services) were aware of Steele’s election investigation in early July 2016,” the footnote said. “The Supervisory Intel Analyst told us he was aware of these reports, but that he had no information as of June 2017 that Steele’s election reporting source network had been penetrated or compromised.”

The timing of this intel report is significant because then-DAG Rosenstein used the dossier as a pretext to spy on President Trump that same month!

In June of 2017, Rod Rosenstein, along with FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, signed the fourth and final FISA application on Carter Page.

The exact date of the FISA application along with 20 additional pages are still redacted.

Screenshot of Rosenstein’s signature on June 2017 FISA renewal app:

The timing of this US intel report is also significant because Rod Rosenstein had just appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate “Trump-Russia collusion.”

So US intel agencies and the FBI both knew the dossier was Russian disinformation yet they allowed Mueller to rove around for 2 years unchecked probing Trump and harassing/arresting his associates for non-crimes.

There’s more…

Rod Rosenstein relied on the phony dossier to expand Mueller’s probe in his August 2017 scope memo.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) previously told Sean Hannity that he “finally” saw Rosenstein’s ‘scope memo’ which authorized Mueller to go on a fishing expedition.

Nunes suggested that the August 2 2017 ‘scope memo’ written by then-DAG Rod Rosenstein shows Hillary’s phony dossier permeated the special counsel’s investigation.

“Because ultimately that Steele dossier permeated all the way through, ultimately to the Special Counsel,” said Nunes. “…I was finally able to see the scope memo and remember, I had these concerns that it was based upon the Steele dossier.”

Despite all of this information, there still has been no indictments of the Deep State coup plotters.

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