Tom Fitton: Coronavirus and the Killing of the U.S. Economy

From Tom Fitton’s Breitbart article:

As I said in my recent video update segment on the Coronavirus, you can’t cure or end the pandemic by killing our economy – pure and simple.

When it comes to the coronavirus, the best way to get people on their feet is to get them back to work. While the “giant” stimulus package will help many with immediate cash, the economic impact of the country’s being shut down could leave us facing 20-30 million unemployed, a very dangerous consequence of the panicked reactions by governors across the country.

I have been critical of the almost nationwide lockdown from the beginning. There’s got to be a way of moving forward while taking care of people’s health. Shutting down the country cannot be the solution, and as I have alluded to throughout the crisis, it will be a huge detriment to the long-term public health of our communities.

To date, there’s nothing in the White House or CDC guidelines that says shut down everything in your state. On the contrary, we’ve got to care for the sick and make sure our economy is able to function. Ultimately, we need to get America moving again, and not depend on the CDC/FDA timeline, which left to their own devices would only figure out the needed drugs months from now.

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