Cernovich’s Documentary on the Media Breaks iTunes Top 10 After Being Censored By Amazon

Mike Cernovich’s hit documentary “Hoaxed: Everything They Told You Is a Lie” has broke into the top 10 independent films in the iTunes store after being censored by Amazon.

The powerful film is a hard hitting and in-depth look at the “fake news” phenomenon and corporate media.

Hoaxed was removed from Amazon entirely last week, even for users who had previously purchased digital copies, but is now the #8 independent film for the week of April 12 according to AP.

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When you attempt to purchase the film on Amazon, users get a message saying “Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time.”

Cernovich maintains that Amazon has all rights to sell and distribute it and that he has not received any communication from the platform.

As news about the censorship broke, the Streisand Effect began and the film trended on Twitter.

“Amazon allows films about child rapists and serial killers while canning Hoaxed. Is it fair to say that Amazon endorses every film it allows to remain on the platform considering it banned a media documentary with bipartisan appeal? Many will think so,” Cernovich told the Gateway Pundit at the time.

Responding to an upset user, Amazon Help tweeted that they “understand the frustration regarding ‘Hoaxed’ not being available on Prime Video, and apologize for the experience. Our selection changes from time to time. We value customer feedback to help us improve and will pass your interest along.”

Check out Hoaxed on iTunes or Vimeo.

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