State, Justice Departments: Reject Clinton Effort to Avoid Testimony

From Tom Fitton’s NewsMax article:

Hillary Clinton’s desperate appeal to avoid testifying in Judicial Watch’s lawsuit is even too much for her defenders at the Department of Stateand the Justice Department, which represents the State Department in court. State/Justice sided with us in opposing Clinton’s appeal for special privileges and singular treatment to avoid having to testify in person and under oath to our legal team.

Here’s the backstory. On March 2, a federal district court rejectedClinton’s and the Deep State’s attempts to shut down our inquiry into her emails and agreed with us — that it’s time to hear from Hillary Clinton. Clinton and her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills then filed an emergency appeal.

Our lawyers at Judicial Watch and the State Department, through Justice Department lawyers, filed separate responses in opposition to Clinton’s and Mills’ Writ of Mandamus request to overturn that U.S. District Court order requiring their testimony under oath before Judicial Watch regarding Clinton’s emails and Benghazi attack records. At the same time, the government argued in its response that it did not engage in “bad faith” in failing to disclose the Clinton non-government email system to Judicial Watch and the court. The briefs were filed on April 3 with the U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit.

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