Day After Arguing With President Trump, CBS Reporter Paula Reid Has to be Told Four Times to Leave Coronavirus Survivor Meeting

CBS News reporter Paula Reid had to be told four times by a White House staffer to leave the room at the end of a meeting between President Trump, Vice President Pence and COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus survivors. Reid’s latest stunt comes a day after she argued like a petulant teenager with Trump at Monday’s White House coronavirus task force meeting.

Reid was positioned directly across the conference table from Trump with the press pool and started to pepper him with questions after he ended the event by telling the press pool he would “see you in a little while” (at the daily briefing). A female staffer had to order Reid four times to leave, the last warning coming inches from Reid’s face as the staffer had to physically intimidate Reid to get her to leave, like one does with a belligerent drunk at a party. The staffer did so with her arms behind her back to ensure there was no contact.

The staffer can be heard saying, “Paula…let’s go, Paula! Paula, we’re done, let’s go. Paula, let’s go, we’re finished! Paula let’s go! We’re done.”

YouTube video cued to end of meeting.

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Twitter version (note: caption is incorrect, Reid was not shoved):

Video clips from Monday’s performance by Reid for those who missed it.

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