“If I Were a Criminal I’d Want Him in There Forever”

Christopher Wray is an empty suit who is allowing FBI corruption to fester and prosper.

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova shared his thoughts this past week related to the FISA court and the recent report that identified nearly every request for a warrant was not supported with the proper documentation needed per the law.

This culture of complete and utter corruption includes former fired Director James Comey and current Director Christopher ‘Sugar’ Wray.  diGenova claims the FBI is currently a mess.

At the 12:00 minute mark in the video below, diGenova says:

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This is so disturbing, Howie.  Because for those of us who spent years and years in federal law enforcement and grew to admire greatly the FBI and the ATF and the Secret Service people we worked with and the postal inspectors.

I got to tell you something I have never in my life been so disappointed in a federal agency [the FBI] but even beyond that, this FBI Director Christopher Wray, is so bad and is so incompetent, that I don’t know how he leads that organization with any degree of integrity.

And, but more important than that, when you lead an organization like that, you gotta have chops.  People have to think that you’re smarter than they are and you’re out there.  This guy rides around in a limousine with guys with guns protecting him.  I don’t know protecting him from what.  If I were a criminal I’d want him in there forever.

Christopher Wray and James Comey are a disgrace to the law and the US Constitution.  They are more criminals than law enforcement actors.

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