Gov. Cuomo Calls Trump ‘Vicious,’ But Says He ‘Has Delivered’ For New York

The mainstream media has swooned over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, with many political pundits saying he should jump into the race for the White House.

He’s lauded daily as the grown up in the room. But he seems to have some anger issues.

In an interview Monday with radio talk show host Howard Stern, Cuomo said Trump can be “vicious in attacks,” noting that the president dislikes CNN, where his brother Chris Cuomo works.

But Cuomo said Trump has expressed real concern for his brother, who contracted COVID-19.

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“The president always makes a point of saying to me ‘How is Chris? Is he doing OK?’ and that’s not in his usual character,” Cuomo said. “You know, we’re not chit-chatty when we’re on the phone. But he always makes a point to say that about Chris and always remembers my mother.”

The governor, who demanded 30,000 ventilators from the federal government (a number that most experts called outlandish), also praised Trump for his efforts to help New York.

“This is not about politics, this is not about personalities. We have to be better than that for the jobs that we do,” Cuomo told Stern. “I put my hand out in partnership to work with you. And we’ll call it straight. And if you do the right thing by New York, I’ll say it. And if you don’t, I’ll say it.”

Cuomo added: “That’s the plain truth in this situation. And since then, Howard, he’s been good in delivering for New York. He has. He’s delivered for New York.”

The governor also said he can easily get in touch with the president when he calls for help.

“It’s amazingly simple. He’s amazingly accessible,” Cuomo said. “Either he gets on the phone or he calls me back in 10 minutes.”

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