Good News! President Trump to Announce Economic Task Force on Tuesday

President Trump to announce economic task force on Tuesday to get the country back to work as soon as possible.

FOX News reported over the weekend:

President Trump said Friday that that choosing when to move to reopen the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus pandemic would be “the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.”

“I want to get it open as soon as possible,” Trump told reporters at Friday’s briefing with members of the White House task force. “This country was meant to be open and vibrant and great.”

The president added that he would formally convene an “Opening our Country” task force April 14 that will be comprised of doctors and business leaders. According to Trump, the second, smaller task force would “include names that you have a lot of respect for.”

Chanel Rion from OAN reported that the President’s economic task force will be led by President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

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Let’s hope and pray this Easter that the US and world economies are back in full motion as soon as possible and that they have record rebounds.

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