Boris Johnson Released from Hospital After Miracle Cure from Coronavirus — But Media Won’t Report What Healed Him?

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 55, was released from the intensive care unit on Thursday and moved to a regular ward to recover from COVID-19.

On Easter Sunday Boris Johnson was released from the hospital and returned home to continue his recovery.

Boris Johnson was moved to the Intensive Care Unit on Monday just in case he needed a ventilator as his condition battling the Coronavirus “worsened.”

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Johnson was hospitalized Sunday because of “persistent symptoms.”

Johnson, who announced on March 27 he had the Coronavirus, remained in office, however he deputized Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to act in his stead “where necessary.”

The liberal media did not reveal what drugs saved the British leader.

President Trump offered assistance to British doctors when he heard about Johnson’s condition.

President Trump has touted the miracle drug hydroxychloroquine that has healed hundreds if not thousands of virus victims.

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