At Least 2,246 Americans Have Died at Nursing Homes from Coronavirus in the US

As of Wednesday April 8th 43 residents of the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington have died of coronavirus in the first deadly coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Another 39 residents have died at Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Virginia.

According to FOX News 2,246 Americans have died at nursing homes from the coronavirus in 24 states.

Those are just the ones we know about. The tally may be much higher.
That is 11 percent of the total coronavirus deaths in the country today.

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FOX News reported:

A new tally shows 2,246 people have died in nursing homes from the coronavirus in 24 states.

The numbers were compiled by NBC News, which also reported that nearly 2,500 long-term care facilities in 36 states are battling coronavirus cases – an explosive 522 percent increase in just 10 days.

The numbers are incomplete because the federal government doesn’t keep a formal tally of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes or the number of facilities with infections, according to the network on Friday.

“It’s impossible to fight and contain this virus if we don’t know where it’s located,” said Harvard Medical School professor David Grabowski told NBC.

The report comes as The New York Times on Saturday reported equally disturbing numbers regarding coronavirus deaths at nursing homes in New York and New Jersey.

As of Friday, more than half of New York’s 613 licensed nursing homes had reported coronavirus infections, with 4,630 total positive cases and 1,439 deaths, the Times reported.

In New Jersey, nursing homes had been linked to 252 virus-related deaths, more than 90 of them in the past two days, according to the paper. At least 70 percent of the state’s long care centers have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

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