12-Year-Old Girl Was Shooting Baskets Alone

A 12-year-old girl was shooting hoops alone outside her home near Little Rock, Arkansas.

Then city officials sent a crew out to take down the hoop. It violated their social distancing orders.

How awful! This is just mean.

Via The Daily Wire:

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A 12-year-old girl was playing basketball alone on a court near her family’s home when city officials arrived and removed the hoop as part of “social distancing” enforcement.

The girl’s mother, Laura Vandercook, wrote about the episode at The Federalist (where I also have a byline). She said her family lives on “a small mountain in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas,” which butts up against a city green space that includes a small basketball court, a court she said is “fairly ignored.”

To emphasize how much the city ignores this particular court, Vandercook said her family used their own money to purchase a net for the basketball hoop, since it was missing. Her husband also dug a drainage canal to keep it from flooding, and regularly cleaned it of debris.

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