WOW! Dr. Fauci Tells CNN He Hopes Brad Pitt will Play him Some Day

Dr. Fauci is the man behind the greatest economic disaster in US history.
Fauci and his cohorts, including Dr. Deborah Birx, were able to convince the president of the United States to lock down the greatest economy in world history.

Fauci used ever-changing bogus “models” and completely false assumptions to put at least 16 million Americans out of work in one month.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to target seniors, obese people and diabetics.
Healthy people under 60 are able to survive the COVID-19 with very rare exceptions.

We are about to see the devastation of relying on such inept, political doctors with their garbage models when this is over.

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Regardless of facts, the liberal media loves Dr. Fauci.
Far left media hacks salute and cheer the doctor.

On Friday Dr. Fauci told CNN he hopes Brad Pitt will play him on Saturday Night Live.

This guy is full of himself.
He considers himself a star as millions of American lives are shattered by his actions.

This won’t end well for President Trump.

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