UNACCEPTABLE! So-Called ‘Experts’ Were Off by 25 MILLION in California! Golden State Reaches Peak COVID-19 Deaths at 596 and 21,500 Infected

This is totally unacceptable!

Tens of millions of Americans will lose their jobs over the coronavirus crackdown.
And all because the so-called “experts” and their liberal media cohorts created a panic and were off by MILLIONS in their careless predictions!

The University of Washington IHME Center has been putting out numbers on the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks now… Each one was just as sketchy as the last.

It is important to note that the IHME models predicting hundreds of thousands of dead Americans had social distancing and total lockdowns baked into the projections.

Americans were told that if they all stayed home and only went to the grocery store when necessary, over 200,000 people would still die.

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The IHME keeps revising their models because they have been WAY off — the latest projection model was revised downward from 2,000,000 about two weeks ago in projected deaths to about 60,000 deaths today.

In California the IHME was off by MILLIONS!

In March the “experts” told Golden State leaders 25 million Californians would catch the virus.

Now today — less than a month later — the IHME expert Ali Mokdad says California had reached its peak earlier this week!

So far — 21,500 Californians have tested positive for the virus and 596 have died.

The experts were off by 25 MILLION cases!

That’s not just a rounding error, that’s a scam!

When will these schemers be brought to justice.
Their “models” put over 16 million Americans out of work.

These snake-oil salesmen need to face justice!

Via Janet Jackson.

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