DOD Former Senior Intelligence Officer Tony Shaffer Claims “No Way Obama Was Not Told” About Spying on Trump

Obama had to know all about the Russia collusion hoax based on intelligence norms and what is currently known.

Last year Tony Shaffer, who was a senior intelligence officer in the Department of Defense, and is now President of the London Center for Policy Research, gave a speech on the Deep State’s actions related to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Looking back, his claims now bring on more meaning as AG Barr and US Attorney Durham move a step closer to putting together indictments for crimes related to the greatest travesty in US history.

In an excellent interview with Jan Jekielek, Shaffer outlined the reasons why the Obama Administration knew what was going on in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Tony  pointed out how the question of legitimate collection was the key to AG Barr’s entire investigation.  He also notes that Susan Rice had to be in the middle of the process per the law and even would have had to approve of portions of the process and therefore Obama had to know as well.

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As AG Barr gets closer to the truth, will Obama be held accountable and will anyone involved spill the beans?

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