California Got Played: IHME Hack Ali Mokdad Says California Is Over the Coronavirus Hump

On Thursday, Dr. Ali Mokdad, a rep for the Bill Gates-funded IHME dodged questions about the low Coronavirus cases in Japan despite not doing “across the country lockdowns” like the U.S.

He didn’t answer the question because he has no answer.

The University of Washington IHME Center has been putting out numbers on the coronavirus pandemic for several weeks now… Each one was just as sketchy as the last.

It is important to note that the IHME models predicting hundreds of thousands of dead Americans had social distancing and total lockdowns baked into the projections.

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Americans were told that if they all stayed home and only went to the grocery store when necessary, over 200,000 would still die.

The IHME keeps revising their models because they have been WAY off — the latest projection model was revised downward from 2,000,000 projected deaths to about 60,000 deaths.

On Friday night Ali Mokdad joined Bill Hemmer on FOX News and announced that Washington, New York and California are going to start going down in their number of coronavirus deaths.

California has seen only 584 deaths.
The state has 39.4 million people in the state.

They shut down the the world’s 6th largest economy for 584 senior deaths.

Ali Mokdad and his model team should be tossed in jail for fraud.

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