New Jersey Democrat Lawmaker Fantasizes About Withholding Disinfectants From Kentuckians Amid COVID-19 Crisis to Stick it to McConnell (VIDEO)

Tom Malinowski (D-NJ)

New Jersey Congressman Tom Malinowski on Thursday fantasized about withholding disinfectants from Kentuckians in order to strong arm Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on the Coronavirus bill.

Malinowski is your typical Democrat thug.

The Coronavirus pandemic is sweeping across the US and the CDC is instructing Americans to be extra vigilant by cleaning and disinfecting their hands and homes in order to reduce the risk of getting infected by COVID-19, but Democrat Malinowski is fantasizing about sticking it to Kentuckians.

The National Republican Congressional Committee blasted Democrat Malinowski.

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“While Americans are putting their political differences aside to work together, @Malinowski admitted he’s fantasized about withholding Coronavirus-killing disinfectants from Kentuckians to stick it to Mitch McConnell,” the NRCC said.

“Fun fact about Somerset County, uh, we make 100% of the national supply of Lysol disinfectant,” Malinowski said on a video conference call. “I thought about using that with, like, Mitch McConnell — like hey, you know, we’re gonna hold up the Lysol to Kentucky until you pass our…bill,” Malinowski said.

Many people on the conference call gave a ‘thumbs up’ in support of Malinowski’s disgusting fantasy.

“But you know that’s a fantasy that I don’t think… it’s not going to work that way,” he said.


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