Anti-Trump Republicans endorse Joe Biden for president

The election of Donald Trump in the 2016 election broke a lot of people, including status quo Republicans. Many of the most Trump-deranged are still incapable of putting the last election behind them. A small group of Republican men banded together to be the leaders (and faces) of a Super PAC, The Lincoln Project, formed solely to work toward the defeat of President Trump in his re-election bid.

The four Republican men leading The Lincoln Project are Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, former Bushie and McCain staffer Steve Schmidt, McCain campaign consultant John Weaver, and GOP consultant Rick Wilson. You can find one or more of them pretty much any day on MSNBC political shows and sometimes on CNN, too.

Many Never-Trump Republican voters have come to terms with reality and often publicly support policies of the Trump administration. This is possible because rational people understand that you don’t have to ‘like’ a person in personal terms to appreciate good policy from a Republican or conservative point of view. Many who voted for Trump in 2016 did so because the election was a binary choice – either vote for Trump or get Hillary Clinton as the next president. Speaking for myself, I was more Never Hillary than I was Never Trump. I admit I didn’t understand the shift to populism in the electorate and didn’t see the election of Trump coming. So, I voted for Trump in the general election and was as surprised as any other traditional Republican voter that he won.

The Lincoln Project’s goal isn’t just to defeat President Trump, but also Trump-supporting Republicans in Congress. Apparently the Congress is better led by Democrats if these people can’t get their way. How’s that for sore losers? Never mind it was the people living in the heartland of America that put Trump in the White House. What do those hicks know, anyway?

There is an ad up by The Lincoln Project that compares Trump to the coronavirus. Now that Biden is the all-but-official Democrat nominee, they have endorsed him. Imagine that – men calling themselves Republicans who are now going to campaign for Joe Biden for president. Joe Biden is certainly status quo, I’ll give him that. He’s been swimming in the Washington, D.C. swamp for 40 years.

Joe Biden is a pro-choice, Obamacare sherpa who thinks Beto O’Rourke would be a great person in his administration to make some gun-grabbing policy. Joe Biden, married to a teacher union supporting associate professor at a community college is against school choice. Joe Biden thinks Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would be a swell addition to the Supreme Court. Obama is too busy making money now but Hillary is available. Does any of this make Joe Biden a Republican-friendly choice for president? No, of course not.

The Super PAC released a statement through a co-founder, Reed Galen, the son of Rich Galen. (Rich Galen is a former Republican strategist and former press secretary to Vice President Dan Quayle and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.)

The organization said it is “committed to ensuring that Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, 2021.”

“Joe Biden has the experience — in politics, in government and in life — to lead the United States out of our current crisis,” said co-founder Reed Galen. “As America contends with unprecedented loss, we need a leader who can steady our ship of state, bind up our common wounds, and lead us into our next national chapter. Joe Biden has the humanity, empathy and steadiness we need in a national leader.”

How does that gauzy statement sound to you? To me, it sounds like they know Joe’s their only option and yet all they can do is toss out some emotion-based reasons to vote for him. “Our current crisis”? Which is that – the fact that Trump was elected in 2016 or the coronavirus pandemic? If it is the pandemic, there has been absolutely nothing offered up by Biden in his epically unsuccessful attempts to get in front of voters during his coronavirus briefings or virtual town halls that Trump’s coronavirus task force isn’t already doing.

As I mentioned in a past post, these men are professional political advisers and strategists. Conway is a very successful lawyer. The biggest hurdle for them to get over is that they are essentially no longer relevant in Republican politics because the party has changed. The Lincoln Project men think if they can just get rid of Trump and his supporters in Congress then they can ride the wave back into power with old-school Republicans. The electorate has changed, though. Reagan Democrats voted for Trump. Democrats didn’t vote for Bush or McCain, for whom most of these guys worked.

Endorsements will be flooding in for Biden now that Bernie Sanders is out. Sen. Michael F. Bennet and Anthony Scaramucci endorsed him yesterday, according to the Washington Post.

I understand those who are put off by Trump’s personality and way of speaking. I am thrilled, though, by many of the policies put forward and especially the judicial appointments, which was my number one priority in November 2015. That includes appointments to the Supreme Court. The “muh principles” men can spend their money and time however they want to do it. They fall in line with the Democrats way too easily for me to consider them in a serious light now.

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