Strzok’s ‘Weiner Timeline’ & The Clinton Email Cover-Up

“The IG suggested that it wasn’t unreasonable to suggest that the delay [in obtaining a search warrant for the Clinton emails] was caused by Strzok’s animus for Trump,” Tom Fitton states in his recent Weekly Update.

“Stringing us along at a rate of 500 pages a month,” the FBI is releasing the Clinton emails at a pace which will carry on until the spring of 2021. However, a recent batch of 180 pages outlines a significant time gap between “the finding of the Clinton emails on the Weiner laptop and the getting a subpoena for the said emails,” Fitton affirms. Over 300,000 emails were found on the laptop of defamed ex-Congressman and ex-husband to Clinton renowned confidant Huma Abedin. 

The Inspector General deemed it reasonable to suggest that the delay came as a result of Strzok’s “animus for Trump.” The delayed FBI search warrant resulted in a “fake investigation and suppression of evidence” which in Fitton’s words, “protected Hillary Clinton for a full month in the middle of the presidential election.” Skepticism as to Strzok’s true intent has been further fueled by new findings which demonstrate his anti-Trump activism within the bureau, in his publicizing “smear jobs through the FBI… while supposedly reviewing all of the emails on the Weiner laptop.” As you might have read in a recent Judicial Watch Press Release on the topic, only 3,077 of the over 300,000 emails found on the Weiner laptop were reviewed in a 12 hour spurt the day before Comey’s testimony before Congress. 

With mounting evidence suggesting the “obstruction and cover-up in the Justice Department” of the Clinton emails, Judicial Watch is continuing the fight for the full truth about Benghazi and Strzok’s involvement in the “fake” FBI investigation. Today, Clinton continues to fight Judge Lambeth’s court ordered testimony before Judicial Watch attorneys. With the virus slowing things down here in Washington, Judicial Watch is“keeping up the heavy lifting.” 

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