How to Get Ready for the First Stroll With Your Newborn

You are back home from the hospital together with a tine new family member. In a couple of days of adaptation to the new lifestyle, your pediatrician has let you go outside if the weather conditions are favorable. However, what should you take with you? This is the question that is often asked, especially if you plan to go to the park. How to get ready so that not to run back home with the stroller?

1.   Clothes to Change

Even if it is winter, take some outfits to change in the event of emergencies. Sometimes, children make unexpected surprises. Of course, these situations can make you act on the spot. For instance, you may need to look for a warm place to change your child in winter or simply learning how to put new clothes on in a stroller. Thus, despite the urge to fill the chest of drawers with cute baby girl clothes and dresses, remember that these outfits should be convenient to change literally anywhere.

2.   Diapers & Baby Wipes

These are must-haves for at least 18 months every time you leave home. Even when your baby grows up, remember about unexpected surprises. Put several diapers in the stroller bag and do not forget to add some after you use them.

3.   Blanket

Even in summer, weather can be unpredictable. Besides, quite probably, at least till the age of six months, your child will be sleeping in the stroller. Thus, a blanket to ensure the comfort should be with you.

4.   Water & Snacks for You

If you are breastfeeding, it is crucial to keep the water balance in your body. In summer times, your child can be sleeping for around four hours outside. That is why you should think about some warm tea and water for you. Some fruit, nuts or sandwiches will also come in handy.

5.   Water & Food for Baby

If your child is formula-fed, take a bottle with it when you go out. Besides, such children also need water, especially in hot summer days. You should have a special thermos and a bottle for these purposes.

6.   Mosquito Protection & Rain Cover for Stroller

If your stroller is equipped with these accessories, it is great. Put them in the bag and do not take them out. Otherwise, you should consider buying them. These will create additional protection for the soft skin of your child against the impact of weather and insects.


After several times you go out with your baby, you will know what else can be needed. Experience is the best teacher. Parenthood is no exception. If you feel that the first stroll can be complicated for you, ask someone to help. There is nothing wrong with being assisted if you have recently returned from the hospital with a newborn baby.


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