Catholic Church Invites Local Muslim to Pray for End of Coronavirus

Christianity has existed in Ireland since the 5th century and arrived from Roman Britain and most famously associated with Saint Patrick.

For 1,500 years the island has been majority Catholic.

Last week a Catholic priest in Tuam, Ireland invited a local Muslim leader to share an encouraging prayer in his church for the end of the coronavirus.
Instead the Muslim leader sang the “Adhan” the Islamic prayer of domination over the Christians.

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Lifesite News reported:

A Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Tuam, Ireland, invited local Muslims to offer an Islamic prayer during a Mass last Friday that was live-streamed by the parish and broadcast over local radio.

While the prayer was reportedly offered for an end to the coronavirus, Catholic sources have since confirmed that what was sung was, in fact, the “Adhan,” the Islamic “Call to Prayer” that asserts Islam’s supremacy over Christianity.

Father Stephen Farragher, parish priest of St. Patrick’s Church in Ballyhaunis, County Mayo, noted that “Friday is to the Muslim community what Sunday is to Christians” before inviting local Muslims Mohammed Cherbatji and Mohammed Rahmani to offer a prayer of “blessing” for an end to the pandemic and for all frontline healthcare workers.

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