Trump Names Loyalist Kayleigh McEnany as White House Press Secretary

Great news!

President Trump named loyalist Kayleigh McEnany as White House Press Secretary.

Ms. McEnany was President Trump’s 2020 campaign spokeswoman and will be replacing White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

Stephanie Grisham will be returning to the East Wing as First Lady Melania’s chief of staff, according to CNN and New York Times.

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Kayleigh McEnany is a staunch Trump supporter so the liberals didn’t take the news well.

Leftists immediately began attacking McEnany the same way they attacked President Trump’s previous press secretaries.

McEnany is not intimidated by liberals whatsoever.

During the 2016 election, McEnany had this crazy liberal on CNN going in circles only to admit the Pulse night club shooter’s father chose to support Hillary Clinton because he’s ‘mentally ill.’

WATCH the screeching liberal go berserk:

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