President Trump to Fire Several Deep State IGs at Once

President Trump recently fired Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson and he’s reportedly gearing up to fire several more Deep State IGs in one fell swoop.

The IG’s Trump is looking to fire were appointed by Barack Obama or beforehand.

“President Trump wants his own people in those positions now.”

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Real Clear Politics reporter Susan Crabtree said it could include Brian Miller, senior White House associate counsel, as special inspector general for pandemic recovery at the Treasury Department. Trump appointed Miller to the special IG post last Friday.

Recently fired ICIG Michael Atkinson is part of the 7.

Trump is looking to fire the CIA IG and others at the Department of Education,

IG reports have been used as another vehicle to attack President Trump while simultaneously covering up real crimes committed by anti-Trump bureaucrats.

For example, at the Monday Coronavirus Task Force press conference the media were trying to hit Trump up with a new “report” that came out from an anonymous HHS Inspector General that there is not enough testing at US hospitals.

Trump pushed back at the presser to find out that this IG was just appointed in January – then he pushed for more info and her name is Christi Grimm and she was a big part of HHS under Obama and heavily involved with Obamacare.

Now we come to find that this Christi Grimm is apparently spearheading the new “get Trump” effort to “investigate” him over the coronavirus response.

She also sat on this report from the end of March until TODAY and released it to the media as if it was a new report. Furthermore it was a PHONE SURVEY OF 323 HOSPITALS IN 46 STATES.

Grimm is pushing bogus complaints that President Trump is responsible for the Coronavirus numbers in New York and Washington DC.

Fired ICIG Michael Atkinson was involved in spearheading the first impeachment against Trump and Grimm may be behind impeachment 2.0!

President Trump is right to clean house, Tom Fitton said.

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