Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns Liberal Governor’s Last Minute Call to Postpone Elections

On Monday Wisconsin liberal Governor Tony Evers suspended Tuesday’s state election until June. This was a reversal from his stated position just days ago.

It could be because the Democrat candidate for the state supreme court was likely running behind the popular conservative Judge Daniel Kelly.

Conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly creamed his two Democrat opponents in February’s nonpartisan open primary.

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Later today the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturned the last minute call to postpone the elections.

The Republican State Leadership Committee released this statement.

Following Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ decision to suspend tomorrow’s state election until June – a reversal from his stated position just days ago – the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the governor cannot order the election postponed and said the election will move forward as planned tomorrow. Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Austin Chambers issued the following statement:

“In words Governor Evers’ office used just days ago: ‘Democracy is essential, it must go on.’ The Wisconsin Supreme Court reaffirmed that guiding principle in its decision today, righteously protecting millions of Wisconsin voters from the Democrats’ pitiful, partisan gamesmanship – particularly that of Governor Evers’ shameless reversal from just days ago when even he said he did not have the authority to move the election. We’re pleased with the court’s decision to move forward as planned and to ensure that every Wisconsin voter has an opportunity for his or her voice to be heard. This is a decision that even Joe Biden agrees with.

“Wisconsin has already seen record-high turnout in this election, with over one million absentee ballots requested – and nearly one million ballots returned. We look forward to that turnout growing even higher tomorrow with more ballots being returned and through in-person voting.”

The RSLC’s Judicial Fairness Initiative has spent nearly $1 million in support of Justice Daniel Kelly’s campaign for election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  

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