The Bidens Aren’t Acknowledging Hunter’s Lovechild As One of Their Grandchildren

During a recent interview with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, Joe Biden was asked about his grandkids. He claimed to have five. He has at least seven.

Now, the former Vice President’s wife has stepped in to correct that number — but she erroneously claimed that they have only six.

“I talk to them every [incomprehensible] day,” Biden said in his Fallon interview. “I have five grandchildren, and every single day I either talk to them or we text.”

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During a livestream on Sunday with her husband, Dr. Jill Biden falsely said that they have six.

“We have three children, and we have six grandchildren,” she said.

Their daughter Ashley has no children, Joe’s deceased son Beau had two children, and their degenerate son Hunter had three children with his first wife, Katherine Buhle, has a new baby with his current wife Melissa Cohen, and one baby born in 2018 to Lunden Alexis Roberts — an exotic dancer that he had an affair with.

The Washington Free Beacon reports, “[Hunter] Biden and Roberts reached a settlement in March 2020 requiring Biden to make monthly child-support payments beginning in April and reimburse Roberts’s legal fees. As far as the law and science are concerned, Hunter Biden has five children, which means that Joe Biden has seven grandchildren.”

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