Phoenix TV – linked to Chinese Communist Party – holds Rotating Seat in White House Press Room –

On Monday President Trump called out a reporter for Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV, which is a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, during Trump’s daily coronavirus update

Phoenix TV holds a rotating seat in the White House Press briefings. The Hoover Institution said the Phoenix TV is linked to the People’s Republic of China’s “Ministry of State Security” and has a “substantial presence on all major social media platforms in the United States.” -via NY Post.

What is quite stunning is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has a rotating seat in the White House press briefings.
Could you imagine if the Russians held a rotating seat in Trump’s White House press room?

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The White House Press Corps last week removed conservative pro-Trump OANN from the line-up but the CCP-linked Phoenix TV still has a rotating seat in the room.
That really is unbelievable – even for the White House Correspondents Association (WHCA).

The White House Correspondents’ Association — incidentally headed by Jon Karl, who serves as president — controls the seating and initially trimmed the press corps in the briefing room from 49 to 24. Adhering to distancing guidelines, that number was later trimmed to 14.

One of those 14 seats is shared by 11 print outlets on a rotation, every 11 days, one White House reporter said. The Association Press, Reuters, Bloomberg and Fox News are almost always there. CNN, ABC and CBS frequently have seats — far more frequently than every 11 days, the reporter said.

And as many of you remember The Gateway Pundit had a White House reporter in 2017 until the White House wisely shut down their daily briefings.
And we can confirm that the reporters in that room are some nasty, vicious people.

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