Hartford is Promoting SeeClickFix App on Local Stations for Citizens to Snitch on Their Neighbors for Violating Social Distancing

Last night on Local News 8 WTNH in Hartford local citizens were urged to use the SeeClickFix app to report on their neighbors if they see them break the six-foot social distancing rule. 

This is nothing but pure Marxism.

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The news channel included stories of good citizens reporting on grocery store lines.

The local news also urged citizens to notify public officials about any rumors that were going around in their community.  That way your government elites will be able to share their wisdom with you.  They alone own the truth.


News8 called on their viewers to download the SeeClickFix app for the good of the community.


This is an app that helps you get into quick contact with the government.    “See click snitch” would be a better name.


Here is the video promoting the public snitch service.

Joseph Stalin was born before his time.

The government is urging people to download the snitch app.
God help us.

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