Fitton: Federal Prisons Ignore Terrorist Risk

From Tom Fitton’s article for Breitbart:

The Bureau of Prisons, the same organization that was responsible for the safekeeping of Jeffrey Epstein, is back in the news again. This week, our Corruption Chronicles blog reports that the agency is failing to adequately monitor the communications of prisoners with terrorist ties. Additionally, the bureau failed to fulfill the FBI’s request for lists of convicts with terrorist ties who were set to be released.

The nation’s federal prison system is supposed to keep America safe by, among other things, monitoring all social communications of high-risk inmates, especially those with terrorist ties. This is a crucial part of the Bureau of Prisons’ (BOP) duties considering that in the last decade the number of inmates with known links to terrorism increased by an astounding 250%. But surprise, surprise, the agency with a $7.1 billion annual budget doesn’t adequately check the communications of terrorist prisoners. Furthermore, the BOP, which operates under the Department of Justice (DOJ), hasn’t even bothered identifying all terrorists in its custody, according to a report issued this month by the DOJ Inspector General.

Portions of the 67-page document are redacted because the government claims that the original “contains information that the Department considered to be law enforcement sensitive and therefore could not be publicly released.” The adjusted public version, with a multitude of thick black lines substituting print, is enough to illustrate a big problem in the federal prison system. The BOP claims to be “an agency like no other” that protects public safety by ensuring that offenders serve sentences in appropriately secure facilities. The agency also provides costly reentry programming to ensure the offenders’ “successful return to the community.” In all, the BOP has 34,486 employees and 175,376 prisoners. The agency brags that it provides criminals with a myriad of programs that model “mainstream values” and “address criminogenic needs.”

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