Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Cuts Video About Staying Home Saving Lives, Don’t Get Your Hair Done… Then Caught Getting Hair Done

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cut a video last week urging citizens from the Windy City to “Stay home, Save lives.”

The video included her playing basketball in the kitchen, playing the guitar and lecturing her friend about getting her hair done.

Mayor Lightfoot: (42 second mark) “Debbie, getting your roots done is not essential!”

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But Lightfoot is a typical far left elitist.

A week later a photo was released of Mayor Lightfoot getting her hair done.
It was essential.

As The Daily Caller reported — Lightfoot defended her haircut saying, “I’m the public face of this city and you know, I’m a person who [takes] personal hygiene very seriously and I felt like I needed to have a haircut. So I got a haircut.”

Do as I say not as I do.

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