Health care workers are our new warriors, applaud them

President Trump and the experts on the coronavirus task force are warning us about what the next two weeks will likely look like. It’s going to be bad. They are bracing us for some big numbers of deaths and cases diagnosed in the battle against COVID-19.

We know this is true. As time goes on, more tests are available and more statistics are gathered across the country. The country’s biggest hot spot, New York City, hasn’t reached its peak yet. Logic tells us that everywhere else is either only just beginning to experience the coronavirus outbreak or is still in the early days of response. Dr. Fauci took a little more than a minute out of his time during the coronavirus task force press briefing Saturday to address his appreciation for health care workers. He encouraged everyone to recognize them as warriors, our new national heroes.

Fauci reminisced about our military war heroes during wartime and how the public shows thanks to them by way of applause at airports, for example. He noted that health care workers are our new warriors, our new heroes, in this battle against the coronavirus. Corny as it may sound, how about we express our appreciation to those on the front line of the battle? Simple gestures go a long way, especially for workers under such stress, often overwhelmed by the magnitude of their mission.

You’ll notice as you watch that clip that President Trump and Dr. Birx nod in agreement as Dr. Fauci speaks. Dr. Fauci recalled how it was for him as a young doctor on the front lines of the AIDS battle in a large New York City hospital. Every one of his patients died. The good news is that not everyone dies from the coronavirus. Those who die of COVID-19 are the minority, not the majority of patients. We can all be thankful for that.

Many of us are feeling a sense of helplessness because there isn’t a lot we can do in this battle. We can practice the guidelines given by the medical experts – washing our hands, taking extra precautions with packages and grocery items when they come into our homes, wearing masks if necessary, and staying six feet from other people in public. One simple gesture that some communities are doing has captured my attention – maybe yours, too. I really enjoy the videos of various neighborhoods, both here in the United States and overseas, with residents who designate a time each day to thank the first responders and medical personnel. People step outside on balconies or on sidewalks and just clap for them.

The medical personnel on the front lines receive a simple gesture of thanks and those sheltering in place are able to show appreciation.

Dr. Fauci is experiencing some rock star treatment these days, thanks to his presence in media. He’s utilizing all corners of the media, too, as he gets out the word on the coronavirus and what we can do to fight it. He’s using traditional media and television but he’s also doing interviews on podcasts and radio to reach a larger audience. Now, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is turning him into a bobblehead to raise money to produce personal protective equipment for health care workers.

“Americans, including us, have fallen in love with Dr. Fauci and his simple and straightforward approach in giving us the facts and medical guidance that we need during these unprecedented times,” museum co-founder and CEO Phil Sklar told CNN.

“We think bobbleheads are the ultimate honor and after seeing the doughnuts, socks and shirts featuring Dr. Fauci, we knew we had to make a bobblehead of him.”

A portion of each sale will go toward helping produce personal protective equipment for health care workers on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus.

It’s another simple gesture. The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum will donate $5.00 for each bobblehead purchased. This will be to raise money for the 100 Million Mask Challenge. Sklar said that his factory can’t produce masks or ventilators but it can raise money this way. And, it will bring a few smiles along the way.

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